Mike the Boilerman

Mike the Boilerman 

Your independent Boilermate specialist based near Hungerford, Berkshire

For more information or to book your breakdown repair, call or text me on

07866 766364

Where am I?

And how far will I travel?

I live in the rural village of Bedwyn, which is about 60 miles due west of London, just on the boundary between Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Whilst I’m happy to drive quite long distances, I generally limit the places I visit to carry out repairs to locations up to 90 minutes’ driving time away from my postcode of SN8 3LZ.

This is mainly to do with guarantee terms. My normal guarantee is 12 months on parts and labour combined. So even if a part fails that was not my fault, I’ll still replace it free of charge, that being no labour charge for the re-visit to diagnose and replace a failed component. (Although I get very few guarantee call-backs, those I do get are virtually always due to early component failure.)

Once my travelling to you rises above 90 minutes I feel I can no longer afford to give such a comprehensive guarantee, so I limit my guarantee to ‘parts only’. This means if I have to return to a replace a failed part, there will be another labour charge for the visit. If the part I fitted has failed, I’ll supply a new part under the 12 month warranty but I’ll need to charge you for the return visit. (Any poor or failed workmanship remains covered by my guarantee as you’d expect!)

I appreciate this may not be acceptable to many people, so this is why I now limit my travelling to a ‘time radius’ of 90 minutes. But if you are more than 90 mins away and would still like me to repair your Boilermate on a ‘parts only’ basis, then do get in contact. 


07866 766364

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